Minimates Monday- Pigs In Space And More Muppets

By kastor417 - January 30, 2017

Diamond Select Toys continue to put my childhood in Minimate form. Pigs in Space and some much needed Muppets round out this shared Toys R Us and specialty shop wave. 

To get this whole wave it took some looking here in CT. It was easy to get the Toys R Us part of the wave, but the specialty shop sets were a little harder to track down. I opted to get the four full sets from Toys R Us, only needing two of the specialty shop sets. What sets this wave apart of others is the fact that you get a complete team in the same uniforms all at once. Many teams are split up between waves, which can be years apart, but this set gives us the full Pigs in Space roster.

The Muppets have been a part of the culture for decades, and their inside jokes and parody of pop culture has always been part of the show. The Pigs in Space skit stakes the Muppets in to the world of Star Trek, recreating the classic sci-fi genre with the famous Muppets twist. Both of the PiS sets have only bases, but the correct hair and unique hair make up for that. Each Pig has something different that only makes them so much cooler. Piggy has her 70’s hair, Hogthrob has a cape, Strangepork has balding hair and worried look, and the crew member is on a smaller body, making each unique. They could have left out the little details like the silver collar piece and replace them with paint, but they all have the part. It is the attention to detail that elevates these figures.

The rest of the wave is also light on accessories, Animal is the only one that has any, his drum sticks and metal chain.  So why are they all so light? Well looking over each figure they all have unique parts, which means everyone maxed out cost on bodies alone. Even though Crazy Harry, Mahna Mahna, and Animal could have shared the same hair, each has their own, and Dr. Teeth and Rowlf are completely distinctive parts. So looking at all the figures what could have been accessories for this part of the wave? Rowlf could have used a piano, but would anyone sacrificed a figure for that? Overall the Muppets line has been one of the most solid lines DST has put out over the last few years.


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