Mooby and Buddy Christ, Now In Bank Form!

By staff-writers - March 24, 2015

mooby buddy christ banksYour two favorite false idols can now hold all your heretic change!

Both standing at about 12 inches each, Diamond Select has given us 2 great banks from the View Askewniverse.

Straight out of Dogma, Diamond Select have given us Buddy Christ and Golden Mooby as banks.

Both are made of high quality vinyl with an opening at the bottom, you can take change out as needed. And as you can see, both have really amazing sculpts.

If you’re View Askew fan, Dogma fan, Kevin Smith fan, or just have a twisted sense of humor these banks are just perfect for you.

Buddy Christ Vinyl Bank is in stores now.

Golden Mooby Vinyl Bank will be in stores this summer.

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