MOTU Club 200x Revealed

By bill - March 21, 2015

motu-club-200xMattel pulls the curtain back on their exciting new Masters of the Universe subscription series.

I liked the early-oughts reboot of Masters of the Universe.  I wasn’t quite a devotee– I honestly couldn’t even tell you who Callix or Prahvus are, or what they do– but it was a well-crafted update of He-Man’s mythology which featured fantastic art direction, and lots of great character designs.

These designs were good enough that they totally earn the toy treatment, and even a layman like me– who doesn’t know a Ceratus from a Chooblah– kind of desperately wants all these toys in his MOTU collection.  It’s looking like we’ll all have that chance!

There’s only a few days left in the subscription sales drive for MOTU’s Club 200x, but thanks to Mattel’s dubiously-monikered “Skeletor’s Love Child” we now know the sub is over 80% toward its goal of becoming a reality.

I’d be happy about that, even just as a fair weather 200x fan, but when you look at these figures– with their tons of new tooling, diverse designs and eye-catching texture and paint work– it becomes clear the Four Horsemen really pulled out all the stops with these figures.  It should also be noted that the Horsemen got their start with Mattel working on the original 200x line, so for them to (possibly) wrap up their work on MOTU Classics with a return to this same source material makes a cool, poetic kind of sense.

I had the chance to see Evil Seed and Callix in person at Toy Fair, and they were incredible.  Both are virtually all new pieces, loaded with personality and texture that make them rich as both characters and toy sculptures.  I figured they’d be the highlights of this sub-set, but after seeing the whole lineup, that pair of figures, awesome as they both are, barely break into the top three.

Queen Greyskull is a stunning work of art, possibly the single best female figure I’ve ever seen from the Horsemen.  Prahvus’ elaborate horns give him an instantly iconic look, and his dark skin with the bright blue highlights is incredibly eye catching.  Buck reuse be damned– these figures ALL sport their own striking silhouette, making them some of the most unique figures released under the MOTU banner, while still feeling like a definitive part of the overall canon.

I am super hopeful that this sub reaches 100%.  The campaign ends Monday (March 23rd), and you can sign up now by clicking HERE to visit


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