MOTU’s King He-Man Doesn’t Quite Come Together

By junior - April 4, 2013

king-heman-featMasters of the Universe Classics had a very unique month. All entries had some level of exclusivity attached to them. Originally the sole Club Eternia Exclusive was King He-Man, this year’s subscription incentive figure.  Past years have delivered gems like Shadow Weaver, so how does the new (old?) He-Man compare?

King He-Man is yet another new incarnation of the title character, planting the seeds for a potential new story and direction. Here he is as the future king, standing majestically is his shiny yet weathered gear. The use of blues and silvers and golds are nice, but oddly the reds employed on him are matte, rather then glossy, or more appropriately, metallic. It visually throws things off, notably on his scepter. His other accessory is his tarnished 200x power sword. It fits the overall theme, but I was never a fan of this technology-infused blade when the real power sword existed. I see its use and for what it is, it looks fantastic.

The big issue I have with the figure is the head. Regardless of the Bells Palsy it has, the lack of consistency in head shape was a bigger issue for me. Every variant had the distinction of looking like the original facially (even the upcoming New Adventures variant). Thankfully he is the least-cared about variant from a nostalgia standpoint, so all is not lost.

The mini-comic included gives fans the origin of Skeletor. I will not delve too much into the story, not because I don’t want to spoil anything, but sadly due to lack of interest. Too many times the bios kill characters for the sake of being mature or adult, rather than being well-written and comprehensive (admittedly difficult to do on card backs). I wish the bios would talk about the characters themselves, rather than their footprint in Eternian lore. Thumbing through it, I did see the future child of Keldor and Evil Lyn, and they could have gone all wrong with his design, given his strange moniker. He looks very 80s, yet very much a part of this crazy universe. Finally the first new design I can get behind since Draego Man!


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