Muppet Monday- Crazy Harry and Mahna Mahna

By kastor417 - August 28, 2017

Our Mini-Monday is turning into Muppet Monday, to make sure the Rizzo wave gets into to collectors hands. This week we are highlighting Crazy Harry and Mahna Mahna from Wave 3 of DST’s Muppet Select Line. 

Even tough the TV show did not fair well, this line has done and amazing job at bringing the Muppets back to comic shops and stores. While this line is short lived there is still one more wave to come, and damn it I want my Rizzo.

So to do our part we want to make sure you know how great these figures are and will be highlighting them every week. This week we got a few of the pack in figures in wave 3, Crazy Harry and Mahna Mahna. Pack in figures can be such a mixed bag for collectors, but DST has made sure those pack-ins matter. Not only are we getting all the A-list chracters, but also some of the lesser knowns just to make sure we have a complete collection.

Mahna Mahna is bright and colorful, making him stand out even in this bunch of Muppets. Best know for the song which won’t leave your brain, this wooly Muppet is full of color and style. This singing and scatting Muppet came up with his catchy tune way back in the early day of the Muppet show, and has lasted all these years. He does not have elbows or knees, but has a decent amount of articulation for his size and sculpt.

Crazy Harry is a little more well rounded with a lot more to offer as an action figure. He has his signature big eyes, and crazy smile. In his army green like outfit he is a the perfect background Muppet for your collection. While the figure himself is near perfect for a Muppet he is lacking an accessories. I know this is technically a kids property, but he blows things up for missing a detonator box, or few explosives is a little disappointing. I will be on the hunt for a few, or make some just to make sure this explosive happy Muppet is complete.

Join a weekly as we look at the rest of wave three and go back to look at wave 2. And remember to preorder the next wave to make sure we all get a Rizzo!


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