Muppet Monday- The Critics Get Reviewed

By kastor417 - November 20, 2017

The consent critics of the Muppet Show, Statler and Waldorf got the Diamond Select treatment with one of the best set pieces to date. 

This set is the perfect example of how far fans will go to get everyone in the show, collectors bought a set that included two old guys and their chairs. Statler and Waldorf were the constant hecklers on the Muppet Show, going even farther by popping up in almost every Muppet show just to crack themselves up. Shown mostly sitting in the upper section of the Muppet Theater in their private box, they are self proclaimed critics of all things. The duo takes heckling and dad jokes to the next level, and say a lot of what the audience is thinking.

So when it came time to do a Muppet line how could you leave the pair out. The deluxe comic shop version comes with their private box, and two chairs, along with the two Muppets. The 70’s suits and classic features are spot on compared to their felt counterparts. Waldorf is smaller of the two, with a pear shaped body. That shape does hinder his sitting, but the chair is deep enough to accommodate the figure with out fear of falling out. Statler is much taller and slender, fitting much better on the chair. The size and shape of these two are much sturdier than figures like Kermit or Janice, their joints also feel tighter and stronger, making posing them easier. The sculpting work on the seating, is also one of the gems of the line. Seating both perfectly it recreates the look and feel of the old Muppet Show Theater.

The sets are on Backorder right now, but DST is working on getting more out and if they do well we might see that final wave with my favorite Muppet, Rizzo!

Thanks again to DST for this set for review.

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