Muppet Monday- Miss Piggy Gets Her Frog

By kastor417 - November 6, 2017

How can you have a Miss Piggy without Kermit? The third wave of Muppet Select figures from Diamond Select Toys finally reunites the famous Muppet couple.

I know companies like to space out characters to keep the line going, but when you spilt up Kermit and Piggy Muppet fans get worried. Thankfully DST made sure the two came together before the end of the line. In her signature pink dress and Farrah Fawcett hair Piggy is the perfect toy representation of the hot headed starlet. Miss Piggy is all blinged out and might have the most accessories of the all the Muppets. She comes with Foo-Foo, complete with leash and bowl, a picture of Kermit, her own Walk of Fame star, a magazine and a penguin. While most of the other Muppets share the package with another Muppet Piggy is all on her own, and I would expect nothing less from her.

There was a lot they could do with her, with all her looks over the years, but DST kept it simple. It’s a shame the TV show ended and the line may end with this wave, because this line of Muppets was on its way to giving us a very complete Muppet world.

Thanks to DST for this set for review

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