Muppet Monday- Rowlf Takes A Bow

By kastor417 - November 13, 2017

The Diamond Select Toys Muppets are amazing pieces of toy art, and Rowlf might be one of the jewels of the line. 

If you have been reading you know I love the Muppets, and have also been enjoying the DST Muppets line. We took a look at the other half of this set a while ago, but Rowlf deserved his own review. The smooth piano playing, floppy eared Muppet is everything I wanted him to be and more.

The Muppet himself is a great representation of the character. For a long time we only saw him from the waist up, so the lower body really rounds out the design. His pear shaped body, does limit his articulation, but he has the joints where he needs them. He can stand at his piano and his fingers can hit the keys. Rawlf’s face is also a great job in toy design. The Muppets have always been made of parts which don’t always look natural, but over the years people have just accepted that ascetic. Toys try to hide and smooth out chracters designs, but the DST line has embraced that kit-bashed look of the Muppets and made them nearly perfect.

Rowlf is not alone he comes with a bunch of accessories, which are sure to be part of dioramas everywhere. Along with few music stands there are also microphones and stands, a bust of Beethoven, and a candelabra. Oh yeah he also has a full sized piano, and real mini pages of music.

The background pieces in the DST sets have always been a great addition but because they can be character specific they have limited use. All the Muppets have brought so much to my collecting and options for dioramas, I wish this line had a longer life.

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