Muppet Monday- It’s Time To Let The Animal Out

By kastor417 - December 4, 2017

There is no doubt the everyone needs to own an Animal, and when this Muppet comes with his own complete drum set how can anyone pass?

Very few Muppets in this line have a box to themselves, though who could you put with Animal that would not feel crowded. DST did a wonderful job making sure this Muppet got the full treatment, and no one can say something is missing. The drummer for Electric Meyhem is susually seen going nuts either on his drum set or on an unsuspecting guest star, and this figure caputures that Muppet magic.

This figure from head to toe is full of little details that fans have come to expect from DST. From his colorful half shirt, to his collar, and real metal chain, this is one impressive Muppet. Most figures would stop with good sculpting, which looks great especially with the textures of his head, but they also gave Animal an articulated jaw, which means you can give him some fun expressions.  So is that it for this great figure? Nope he also comes with a full drum kit, including cymbals, a kick petal and stool. This set up really will allow collectors to create a full look for their Electric Mayhem band.

Join us next week as we round out our Muppet Mondays with the final set from DST, Floyd and Janice.

Thanks again to DST for this set for review

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