NECA Brings Arkham City Harley Quinn To A Whole New Scale

By bill - November 29, 2016


Harley Quinn is everywhere right now… including NECA’s latest set of DC Comics action figures!

2016 was the year of Harley Quinn, as she hit the mainstream of pop culture with the blunt force of a giant mallet, so it only makes sense that she would be one of the characters NECA would recruit for their 7″ DC toy line.  But unlike Christian Bale Batman– and most of the DC figures NECA has tackled thus far– Harley is based on her Arkham City appearance, marking her as the first DC video game figure since the retro game Batman over two years ago.

Arkham City was released right around the time that Harley’s costume was changing radically, moving away from the spandex harlequin costume toward a sort of biker/ street punk aesthetic. I guess you could call it a more “practical” outfit… if you consider running around in a corset, skintight leather pants, and high heeled boots practical.

The dubious functionality of this version of Harley non withstanding, NECA’s figure– a scaled-down version of their 18″ Quarter Scale release– totally nails this design.  Alex Heinke’s sculpt packs in loads of detail, from the intricate eyelets on Harley’s belt to the raised diamond patterns sculpted onto her legs and gloves. Harley is quite well articulated, featuring both predictably useful joints like the ball neck, as well as some surprises, like the swivel that lets you pose her pigtails.  Much of Harley’s articulation is hidden brilliantly, thanks in a large part to the corset and belt overlays which mask her torso and hip joints.


Pretty much every Arkham City character sported a dark pallet, and Quinn was no exception, though NECA’s figure still manages to pop. Her main outfit is all blacks and dark reds, but it’s interrupted brilliantly by her skin (including a bare midriff because, well, video games), as well as her white facepaint and blonde hair.  She’s accentuated further thanks to the silver straps, studs, braces, and buckles that adorn her costume, and some very nicely executed tampo work on her hip and bicep tattoos.

Harley comes packing an arsenal sure to make her a formidable foe, with her signature baseball bat, as well as a pair of uzi machine guns and alternate hands to allow her to hold any or most of these accessories.  This covers most of the munitions Harley uses in the game, and she can be posed very naturally with any of the weapons.

Harley Quinn joins Bale’s Batman Begins as this year’s 7″ DC releases, which are once again available only at Toy R Us stores. They’re shipping now, so keep your eyes peeled if you want to add both of these great figures to your NECA DC collection.  Thanks to NECA for giving us the chance to review the Arkham City Harley Quinn!


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