NECA Looks To Dark Horse Comics For Predator Series 18

By bill - December 4, 2018

Three new Predator action figures based on the Dark Horse comic book franchise join NECA’s long-running Predator toy line.

NECA has carried on their incredible Predator toy line for 18 series strong, and one of the keys to their success is by considering all avenues of source material. Over the years, they’ve focused on the cinematic movies, Kenner’s 90s toy line, video games, and more for source material… but Series 18 is the first time they have drawn exclusively from the Dark Horse Comics franchise for a toy line. Specifically, this set includes two figures from Aliens vs Predator, and a new figure based on Predator: Fire and Blood, a companion to the recently released Ahab Predator.

Hornhead Predator is the second figure to follow the Ahab Predator, from the Fire and Blood collection. This figure is a well made Yatujua, with lots of new tooling– a new head with rows of horns along his crest– as well as a removable mask, extra-long, katana-shaped wrist blades, a sword with sheath, and unique silver battle armor. Hornhead is especially tall for a Predator, which only adds to his imposing presence, making him a worthy opponent to Ahab.

Series 18 also features Broken Tusk (Dachande) and Machiko Noguchi from Dark Horse’s Aliens vs Predator miniseries. This classic comic stars the first ever female human to be inducted into a Yautja tribe, Machiko, who has previously been released in toy form by Hot Toys and Sideshow. But NECA’s figure is the most meaningful, in my opinion, finally solidfying her place among the most comprehensive Predator toy line ever to see release.

Machiko is a fantastic all-new sculpt, fully articulated and precisely in scale with the towering Yautja figures. Machiko includes an extending wrist blade, a removable mask, a shoulder-mounted plasma-caster, and a blaster which she can hold with one or both hands. Beneath the mask, Machiko sports a hairstyle composed of dreadlocks– replicating the Yautja’s tendrils– and a lightning bolt shaped brand on her forehead, which matches the symbol seen on Broken Tusks’s helmet.

Broken Tusk, meanwhile, sports unique battle armor adorned with a Xenomorph skull on his chest plate, and more insectoid armor adorning his arms and legs. The dark green armor feels distinct among NECA’s other Predator figures… and I kind of can’t believe I didn’t recognize these sculpted pieces when most of the showed up on the Kenner tribute Nightstalker Predator a year ago! But the new colors go a long way, as do Broken Tusks’s golden mask, unique double bladed staff, and blaster gun.

Each of these new Predators are detailed and painted in a realistic style, which allow them to fit seamlessly alongside NECA’s other Predator figures, be they based on movies, fan films, vintage toy lines, or the upcoming Bad Blood comic two-pack. Look for Predator Series 18 at Target stores and specialty retailers now, as well as direct from NECA on their eBay store.

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