NECA Delivers More Kaiju Craziness with Pacific Rim Scunner

By bill - August 5, 2014

scunner-featAnother rampaging monster from Guillermo Del Toro’s modern classic gets the toy treatment.

NECA’s Pacific Rim collection has done gangbusters at retail, and they’re making the most of it, with lots of cool new figures planned over a year after the movie smashed into theaters.  The latest release is Scunner, another deluxe Kaiju figure, and he’s fantastic.

One of the Triple Event creatures sent to guard The Breach, Scunner was one of the biggest and nastiest monsters in the film, and while this figure shares many base parts with the previously-released Knifehead and Trespasser, NECA’s shrewd design choices to put some new overlays on this figure really add to his overall bulk and size.

NECA Scunner 003Let’s start at the top– Scunner’s all new head is incredibly well sculpted.  The creature was meant to evoke a bull, and his massive horn/ fins certainly do the look justice.  Combined with his articulated jaw, Scunner looks just as mean and hostile as he should, a beast to give the Jaegers a run for their money, if ever there was one.  Like I said, while Scunner shares a body with the previous (relatively) smaller Kaiju, his new back plate and chest/ shoulder overlay gives the appearance that this guy is even bigger and burlier than his fellow monsters.  It’s a great effect, and the shoulder pieces in particular are quite well designed, made of soft rubber which does not impede the arm articulation while still adding a sense of heft that Scunner needs.

The paint on this figure is remarkable– there’s a weathering laid subtly into every facet of Scunner’s leathery hide and plate-like armor, which adds a striking sense of realism while also spotlighting the intricacies of the wonderful sculpt.  The dark greys and browns of the monster’s body offset brilliantly with the bright teal markings that run over Scunner’s body, giving him a unique look among the Kaiju while still maintaining their overall design pattern.

Using the same base body does mean we see the same limitations on this figure.  While Scunner features quite a few points or articulation, the body design and sculpt limit the range, especially in his massive arms.  Scunner’s elbows can only bend to about 45 degrees, which limits his upper body mobility in a way that even the good shoulder and torso articulation cannot fully account for.  Despite his bulk, though, the figure has a great sense of balance (again, the clever overlay keeps Scunner’s upper weight light enough to manage), and the well place lower body articulation serves to keep the beast upright more than offer a wide range of posing options.

For about $25, Scunner is a great deal.  Even ignoring the intricately detailed, screen accurate sculpt and stellar paint work, the sheer mass and size of this guy would make him feel like a bargain– he’s HUGE!  But factoring in the excellent workmanship on display in this figure brings him to a whole other level.  Since Scunner was only seen underwater, I would have loved to see a clear plastic stand included to give him a floating effect, but even without this, Scunner is a Kaiju worth every penny.

I’m very glad to see NECA not slowing down with the Pacific Rim license, and each toy they release feels like a true step beyond the quality, fun and overall cool factor of the one before it.  With the recent news that Del Toro will be back for not only a sequel but an animated series based in this amazing universe, here’s to hoping NECA stays in the Pacific Rim business for the long haul.  It would be a big win for everyone if they do.

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