NECA Delivers RoboCop In All His 8-Bit Glory

By bill - February 3, 2014

NES-Robocop-featThe latest figure in NECA’s NES-inspired collection is part man, part machine and all awesome.

I can’t think of many toy lines that capture cool, fun geekiness quite as perfectly as the NES collection from NECA.  Jumping off from the very well-received 8-Bit Jason Voorhees at Comic Con, the line has continued to offer more 80s icon figures, with new decos reminiscent of their Nintendo game appearances.

RoboCop is the latest release, and without a doubt the best one yet.  Using the wonderful base of the most recent RoboCop figure– complete with spring-action leg holster– the great base gets an awesome new metallic blue finish.  What sets this figure apart from his predecessors, though, is a light effect detailing which adds a great cell shaded look to the final figure.

NES Robocop 19If the late Officer Murphy had been solid navy blue, he would have made for a fairly dull release, but the added highlights really make the figure pop, and great details like the reflective strip on his helmet and the heavy black line detailing around the mouth set him apart, resulting in a figure than not only nails the 8-bit appearance of the hero, but passes as a solid comic book version as well.

The figure remains well articulated; while some joints are inhibited by the character design, you can get a number of really good poses out of him, and the leg holster is a very cool feature which adds to the fun factor.  NECA could have easily cheaped out and used their first RoboCop as the base for this new variant, but they opted for the action feature version instead, which ups the feeling of value for this release.

Like the other NES figures, RoboCop is packed in a big gatefold window box which is modeled after the box art on the original video game.  It’s a very cool look, and makes this a great figure both loose or sealed in his plastic prison.  There’s a great sense of meta fun to be had in this ongoing collection… it’s the first time we’re seeing these characters cross over into a shared collection, and it warms my 80s kid heart.

The NES RoboCop is available now at many etailers, as well as NECA’s eBay store.  Like the other NES figures, he’s a limited run, so get him while you can… you won’t be disappointed.

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