NECA Does Justice (Forever) To Kick Ass 2

By bill - August 14, 2013

kick-ass-2-featPresenting the Kick-Ass action figures we’ve all been waiting for.

NECA has been on a role in 2013, and that winning streak continues with the first wave of their Kick-Ass 2 action figures.  The first set of three figures sees the release of Kick-Ass and Hit Girl, based on their appearances in the upcoming sequel, as well as our main villain, Chris D’Amico, now going by his super villain name The Motherfucker.

kickss9 39Each figure features an amazing likeness of their respective on screen character, and once again NECA packs in an uncanny amount of articulation without detracting from the fantastic sculpts.  Kick-Ass himself is the best designed of the bunch, with loads of articulation cleverly masked by running parallel to the yellow piping on his costume.  The bunchy green wetsuit and Timberland boots are realized perfectly for the DIY hero, and he sports his two fighting sticks and an alternate pair of hands for some closed-fist posing options.  I’m very impressed by the detail on this guy, from the ridges of his mask and collar, to the hinged bands at the end of his weapons, so they can be posed to drape down in any position, whether Kick-Ass is swinging them in the air, or storing them in the holders on his back.

Hit Girl is another great figure, with a very nice Chloe Moretz portrait underneath her domino mask and purple wig.  The deadly hero’s face is packed with personality, thanks to her snarled lip, and the ample articulation offers plenty of action poses for the figure.  Hit Girl includes two pistols, a twin-bladed staff which connects at the middle, six throwing knives which fit into sheaths on her legs, and an alternate set of hands with trigger fingers for her guns.  The figure features a great metallic purple finish that totally nails the shiny fabric of Hit Girl’s costume, and she features a double-layered soft goods cape, which frees Mindy up for even more posing options.

kickss9 46The Motherfucker is a little less articulated than his opponents, but he features another excellent rendition of the villain and his remarkably over the top costume.  Beneath his leather mask, the Christopher Mintz-Plasse portrait really shines through, and every detail of the new costume– from the spikes on his arms to the two chains hanging off his belt– are present and accounted for.  The villain wields two pistols, and a cloth cape with a feathered collar that adds to his creepy, over the top S&M kind of getup.  Only Chris D’Amico would think this outfit looks cool, but NECA did a great job on the figure, regardless.

What impresses me the most about all three of these figures is, they actually LOOK like teenagers.  The awkward body types of teens can be tough to realize on figure form, but all three of these toys look like legit adolescents, not just smaller scale adults.  It’s a testament to the talent of NECA’s sculptors, and I can’t wait to see how they look lined up against a fully grown adult like the upcoming Colonel Stars and Stripes figure, planned for Wave Two this Fall.

kickss9 1The Kick-Ass 2 figures are available in two packaging variants.  Due to their rather offensive names, the general retail figures are packaged with abbreviated names (such as “K-A” and “The MFer”).  A set of figures on uncensored cards– with the full names spelled out– was made for sale as a particularly inventive Comic Con exclusive last month… You can see the uncensored packages in the photo gallery below.

With Kick-Ass 2 hitting theaters this week, I’m sure the figures– which are now hitting Toys R Us, comic shops and e-tailers– will be a big hit, and rightfully so.  The movie designs for these characters are quite faithful to their comic versions as well, so between comic and movie fans, I expect them to hit big… NECA’s Pacific Rim figures sold out crazy fast after the movie hit, so if you want some Kick-Ass figures of your own, I’d suggest you pick up your set soon!

Thanks to NECA for giving us the opportunity to check out this truly “kick ass” set of figures!

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