Review: NECA’s Heroes of the Storm Series One

By hopkins - November 23, 2015

heroes-of-the-storrm-featFinally– kick ass Blizzard figures!

NECA brings Blizzard’s Illidan and Nova to action figure form in the first wave of Heroes of the Storm toys. Although this is not Blizzards first rodeo into the action figure industry, it is by far the best out there to date. Heroes of the Storm, on which these figures are based, is a multiplayer online battle arena featuring five of Blizzards games including Warcraft, Diablo, Starcraft,The Lost Vikings, and Overwatch.

Illidan began in Warcraft. He is one of two Stormrage brothers, who constantly seeks out power to prove he is superior to all. His story has spanned many episodes of World of Warcraft and continues to this day. The figure includes his signature twin blades of Azzinoth, and is true to character as if he stepped right off the computer screen. Multiple points of articulation makes a collector giddy with joy to finally have a poseable Warcraft figure. Three more well known Warcraft characters are coming soon in NECA’s toy line, including Stitch, Arthus (Lich King), and Tyrael.

Starcraft is a science fiction military real-time  strategy video game. November Annabella “Nova” Terra– a female terran ghost, or feared covert terran operative– comes from this lore as the next figure in the Heroes of the Storm lineup.  Nova features an extra hand and her signature C-20A rifle, and the straight off the screen design makes for another superior figure.

NECA outdid themselves again with such grace and accuracy with these figures, and it’s great that fans can finally get their hands on some well known Blizzard characters.  The figures can be played with, posed, and still keep their integrity. With the Warcraft movie quickly approaching, could we see some movie figures as well?  Either way, my hope now is to see more Warcraft figures done by one of the best companies out there.  Blizzard fans should grab these guys before they disappear.

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