NECA Is Making Alien: Isolation Action Figures

By bill - March 7, 2015

alien-isolation-featCharacters from the acclaimed video game will get the toy treatment in an upcoming wave of NECA’s Aliens series.

Yesterday was “Facehugger Friday,” an ongoing feature where Randy Falk and the NECA team share a behind the scenes look at something from their Aliens toy line, and this week’s reveal was a big one.  NECA confirmed that they will be releasing figures based on the Alien: Isolation video game in their 7″ action figure series!

We even got a look at the sculpt in progress of the all new legs from the redesigned creature from the game:

1689163_977658395579515_5898041710592844136_nThe Isolation Xeno will reuse the upper body from the 1979 Big Chap figure, with all new legs, feet and a new tail.  I love the look of the Isolation creature, which was familiar to Ridley Scott’s first movie, yet unique thanks in large part to its bizarre hock joint legs, and NECA’s sculpt looks great.

While there hasn’t been an official announcement, NECA also strongly implied that we will see the star of the game, Amanda Ripley, in toy form as well.  Ellen Ripley’s unlucky daughter will allegedly share some parts reuse with the Ellen figures coming in the next wave, along with some all new tooling.  I’ve got a hunch we might get an entire Isolation themed wave, with the xenomorph, plus Amanda in her jumpsuit and space suit.

I still haven’t had the chance to play Isolation, but I’ve heard amazing things, and I’ve already seen enough to know I love the art design and the super-creepy atmosphere of the game.  It’s high on my video game priority list, for sure… but the strong aesthetic of the game alone means these upcoming action figures are gonna be must-buys even on their own merits.

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