NECA’s New Michael Myers Could Not Be Better

By bill - January 9, 2019

NECA’s return to Haddonfield was well worth the wait.

Considering the amazing work they’ve been doing with Friday the 13th, Nightmare On Elm Street, Evil Dead, and other horror franchises, many of us have been wishing NECA could revisit the first slasher franchise, as well– Halloween. Sadly, rights issues around the films and its (usual) main villain Michael Myers mean we’re not likely to see an update Myers based on John Carpenter’s original movie. However, we did get something that, in my opinion, is even better… a perfect toy rendition of Michael based on this year’s fantastic reboot/ sequel Halloween (2018).

I absolutely LOVED David Gordon Green’s film, which serves as a direct sequel to the original Halloween, ignoring the less than stellar sequels (aside from some easter eggs and references to them peppered throughout the movie). It was smart, brutal, scary, and it served as a perfect reminder of how terrifying Michael Myers can be. NECA’s new Ultimate action figure captures the essence of The Shape perfectly, with a towering all new sculpt of the older Michael that simply radiates menace.

The best part of the figure, without a doubt, are the pair of headsculpts which match the new look of Michael’s infamous mask perfectly. The intricate sculpts are packed with detail, accurately conveying the texture and feeling of 40-year-old, rotting latex. The two heads are virtually identical, but one features Michael’s eyes set deep within the eye holes, while the other sports pitch black eyes, to portray the killer’s most iconic look.

Clad in his dark blue coverall, the Myers figure features all the great articulation we’ve seen on NECA’s recent releases, which allows him to hit a number of great action poses utilizing his wide range of weapons (a hammer, an iron, and– of course– a knife), as well as the variety of swappable hand poses (including a variant based on the scene where Michael’s hand meets the business end of Laurie Strode’s shotgun).

Myers also includes a few fun environmental extras, including the severed “jack o’lantern-ed” head of one of Michael’s victims, Judith Myers’ tombstone, and– best of all– Vicky’s pumpkin, complete with a cool flickering LED light inside. Overall, it’s a great array of accessories, enough to justify Michael’s status as one of NECA’s Ultimate figures. Like other Ultimates, he comes packed in a five-panel window box showcasing Michael’s haunting mask in stark black and white on the front, and a great photo shoot featuring the figure on the back.

NECA’s fantastic 2018 Michael Myers is one of the best action figures of the year, and he’s available now at Target, specialty retailers, and via NECA’s eBay store. Look for his eternal nemesis Laurie Strode to join him in 2019.

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