NECA Planning Something Big For Pacific Rim at Comic Con

By bill - May 7, 2014

Like, literally, this will be a BIG exclusive.

Even though the movie will be a year old by the time San Diego Comic Con hits, NECA is still committed to their awesome Pacific Rim toy line, and they’re bringing an exclusive to the show.  Brand manager Randy Falk shared some hints recently on twitter as to what Pac Rim fans can expect, and it looks like NECA really is going all out… they will be offering a box set exclusive, with three figures!

So now the question is, who’s in the box set?

The new deluxe Kaiju Scunner has been solicited for release in early July, so I doubt he would show up again here. However Axe Head– the figure based on early concept art for the creature that became Trespasser– has been conspicuously absent since he was announced at Toy Fair, so that seems like a real possibility.

There’s also the new Gypsy Danger version 2… He was announced as a mass retail figure, but while the toy line seems to still be selling strong, maybe the lack of media support has retailers growing cold regardless, leading NECA to switch gears and pack the new, improved Jaeger in this set instead?

While I’d love to see Raiju or Onibaba or Otachi in the Pacific Rim toy line, those Kaiju would all require extensive new tooling.  I’m holding out hope we will see some of them surface in the retail series at some point, but I don’t see those tooling dollars being invested in a limited release Comic Con exclusive set.

That does leave Mutavore, who could be made using the existing Knife Head/ Trespasser base body with some new parts added… so I think that’s a possibility. And speaking of Knife Head, many fans have been clamoring for a non-battle damaged version of the updated deluxe figure, so that would be another easy and cost effective variant for NECA to release.

With the show about ten weeks away, I’m sure we will find out more about this set soon, as more companies begin rolling out the reveals of their SDCC exclusives.  But I find it very exciting to see a release of this magnitude for Pacific Rim, a movie that will be a year old by the time Comic Con happens.  It’s telling of the impact this movie has had on the geek landscape over the past ten months, for sure… but it also serves to show how committed NECA is to this property, and to its fans.

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