NECA Previews Aliens Series 3

By bill - November 10, 2014

NECA-Bishop-featHere’s a look at our first Nostromo crewmate, and Aliens’ awesome android Bishop!

We’re getting ever closer to the release of the highly anticipated third series of Aliens action figures from NECA, and they’ve been showing off the latest additions to the collection as part of their “Facehugger Friday” campaign.  So far, we’ve seen some new photos shoots for Bishop– the “artificial person” from James Cameron’s Aliens, as well as Kane, the Nostromo crew member who made unfortunate first contact with a Face Hugger in Alien.

The Dog Alien as seen in David Fincher’s Alien 3 rounds out the set (I’m betting we’ll see him featured next Friday), and that’s the cool thing about this third series of Aliens figures– each one comes from a different movie in the series.  It really helps expand this universe in the toy world, and I can already see the building blocks NECA will use to create a shared universe for the franchise, as they have done so well with the Predator collection.

As for the figures themselves?  They look amazing!  The Lance Henriksen portrait on Bishop is uncanny, one of the best likenesses I have seen in this scale.  And he’s one of the last core characters from Aliens we need in the set (though I won’t complain no matter how many Colonial Marines, Ripleys or Paul Reisers NECA should ever decide to throw at us).

John Hurt, who played Kane, is notoriously stingy with his likeness rights, but I love NECA’s work around, with the Face Hugger sculpted totally wrapped around Kane’s head, thus masking any facial likeness.  It also makes for a visually stunning toy, especially the creepy, melted face plate of the removable space helmet.  We will see a few more Nostromo space suits in upcoming waves, so the other reason I’m keen to check Kane out is to see how well designed this suit is.  It’s such a strong design, and NECA’s sculpt certainly does it justice… but the bulk and heft of it has me curious how well they managed to articulate it, and what type of range it will have.  I’ve got it on good authority that the figure will be fairly loaded with moving parts, so I am hopeful.

You can check out new photos of Kane and Bishop below… Aliens Series 3 is slated to hit retail this December, making the perfect Christmas gift for an Aliens die-hard like me (in case anybody was wondering).

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