NECA Reveals Ambush Predator Comic Con Exclusive

By bill - April 27, 2015

ambush-predator-featThe next Kenner Clan Predator is coming to Comic Con this summer.

Called it!  A few weeks ago NECA shared a teaser image– a work in progress sculpt of one of the oversized arm blades that were part of the signature look of Ambush Predator, the cloaked hunter offered by Kenner as a mail-away exclusive in their awesome 90s toy line.  I made the educated guess that NECA’s figure would be released as a Comic Con exclusive… which has now been confirmed by Daniel Pickett as part of his Scoop Week over at Action Figure Insider.

The new Ambush Predator is cast in translucent plastic, and just like the original he features black band shading around his bright green eyes, which is a neat visual effect.  The figure also features his twin arm blade weapons, and two alternate removable masks, both remolds of the Viper accessory.  One is fully painted, with green glowing eyes, and the second is cast in vac metal, to replicate the super-shiny finish of the original figure’s mask.

What the new figure lacks is the vest overlay of the Kenner toy, a removable piece which could play to either “clock” or “uncloak” the figure.  I definitely miss that piece, but the blades are way more important, and NECA’s sculpt totally nails those.

Here’s the other interesting thing– Ambush Predator is being labeled as a “Convention Exclusive” as opposed to just SDCC… so presumably he will be available at other Cons like NYCC later in the year.  That’s a great release model, in my opinion, as it helps to lift the geographic limitations of a San Diego-based exclusive, at least to a degree.  Mattel has done something similar with their traveling exclusives over the past few years, and I like this model way more than the strict SDCC pieces, which are a total pain in the ass to get, even if you’re attending that Con.

You can see more photos of NECA’s Ambush Predator at AFI.  This brings NECA one figure closer to completing the Kenner collection in their toy line.  But with the remaining Kenner characters requiring a lot of unique tooling, I’m curious how and even if they will tackle the remaining hunters.

Source: Action Figure Insider

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