NECA Reveals Box Art For ED-209

By bill - October 4, 2013

ed209-featPresenting the container which will attempt to contain the most badass toy of the year.

NECA just got final approval on the box artwork for their upcoming Robocop deluxe ED-209 figure, and they took to Twitter to share it.  It’s mostly black and sleek looking, with some very nice action shots of the mean machine in question– I like it.

What I like slightly less is the news that this bad boy is still a few weeks away, delayed from his original September release date.  But I believe ED-209 is the perfect example of good things coming to those who wait, so an extra month or two won’t kill any of us.

Here’s what NECA shared:

“The final packaging design for the long awaited ED-209 Deluxe Boxed Figure w/ Sound! Available in about 4-6 weeks”


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