NECA Reveals Card Art For Kenner Predator Series

By bill - August 1, 2013

predator-kenner-featNECA keeps the dream of the 90s alive with retro card art for their upcoming Kenner series Predators.

I have not made it a secret what a fan I am of the comprehensive and highly creative way NECA has grown the Predator license in their awesome toy line.  And the upcoming Kenner series– featuring modern updates to three of the silly Kenner designs of the mid 90s– is the latest cool way to uncover new corners of the Predators’ universe.

The figures themselves look fantastic– the funky, colorful Kenner concepts taking on a whole new life as highly detailed sculpts by NECA’s crack team.  But now, the toymakers have revealed that even the box art for these figures will have a cool, retro flair.  Harkening back to the card art from Kenner’s Predators series, the new figures will be packed on this purple-themed backer with a cartoon Predator mask.  It’s a great nod to the original Kenner artwork, right down to the Kenner-style NECA logo at the bottom… what we have here is another layer added to NECA’s homage to a classic (albeit silly) toy line.

Check out the full card art below, and look for Predator: The Kenner Wave (AKA Series 10) to hit stores this September.

predator kenner card art

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