NECA Shows Off Pacific Rim Scunner

By bill - April 1, 2014

scunner-featNECA gives us a closer look at the next Pacific Rim Kaiju.

The Pacific Rim collection from NECA continues to expand, with one of the biggest, baddest Kaiju waiting in the wings.  Scunner, one of the beasts from the Triple Event finale of the movie.  We saw a quick glimpse of him a few weeks back, but now NECA has shared some new images of the biggest Kaiju yet in the series.

You can see lots of the new tooling here– the bulkier arms and the new bull-like head, which really help distinguish this guy from the other deluxe Kaiju like Knifehead and Trespasser.  He looks great!

I’m totally glad to see the Pacific Rim line going strong, and once again expanding the Kaiju shelf.  So far all the deluxe Kaiju have been of the same body type– humanoid with four arms.  It’s a smart strategy for NECA, since they can share the same base body, but I’m still holding out hope we’ll see some of the other, more unique Kaiju in the line.  The crab-like Onibaba or the dragon Otachi would look amazing… BUT they’d have to be all new tools.  With no movie on the horizon (yet) to back up that kind of expense, NECA would only be able to make those happen with strong sales from these first waves of deluxe Kaiju.

In short, if you’re a fan of Pacific Rim, NECA’s toy line or just awesome giant monster toys in general, support the Pacific Rim figures as much as you can.  If you’re on the fence about picking them up, give them a shot– you won’t be disappointed in their quality and fun factor, and if sales are strong enough, we’ll be that much more likely to see even more of these great creatures from NECA in the future.

NECA Pac Rim Scunner

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