NECA Shows Off Pacific Rim’s Otachi

By bill - January 9, 2015

otachi-gallery-feat-imgTake a closer look at the final production model of NECA’s biggest, baddest Kaiju yet.

We’re just about a month away from the release of the Deluxe Otachi figure from NECA’s Pacific Rim collection.  Like ED-209 and the Spider Gremlin, this creature will only be released as a single production run, at a special one-off price (around $65, if you’re budgeting).

It’s also freaking awesome, with an insanely cool all new sculpt loaded with detail straight from the film’s ILM design models, two alternate mouth pieces, to replicate Otachi’s acid spit attack, and an adorable, Ron Perlman devouring baby Otachi.

This bad girl will come displayed in a special window box, which should match fairly well with the recent Kaiju figures for any of you weirdos who want to buy her and keep her in the package.  As for me, there’s few toys on the horizon this Spring I’m more eager to tear open than this beast.  Enjoy the closer look at Otachi below!

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