NECA Hunts The Hunter With Thermal Vision Fugitive Predator

By bill - January 7, 2019

NECA’s first ever Target exclusive pays homage to The Predator movie poster with a wild new color variant of the Fugitive Predator.

The Fugitive is one of the two new Predators featured in Shane Black’s The Predator, and NECA already captured him in plastic with a great Ultimate action figure that dropped around the same time the movie hit theaters. Now, with the movie just released on Blu Ray and DVD, NECA is back with a great new variant of the Fugitive with a dynamic, stylized new deco based on one of the movie’s theatrical posters.

The Thermal Vision Fugitive is cast in translucent blue plastic, with the familiar greens, yellows, and oranges representing the hunter’s heat signature, a design that’s sure to be familiar to any fan of the franchise. The design works incredibly well, and makes this version of the Fugitive a nice companion piece to the Thermal Vision Dutch that NECA released several years ago. The Fugitive sculpt is still excellent, loaded with screen accurate detail, fun textures, and loads of useful articulation, and seeing the sculpt in this new and entirely unique deco makes it come to life in a different way.

This colorway looks amazing, and matches the movie poster quite well, though I am sad that NECA’s figure doesn’t include the plasma cannon site targeted on the Fugitive’s chest, the one missing element of the original artwork. Unlike the first Ultimate Fugitive, the Thermal Vision figure isn’t loaded with accessories– he drops the bare forearms, alternate hands, and unmasked head– but he still sports what he needs to match the poster, his plasma cannon and removable wrist blades.

Unlike the Ultimate releases, the Fugitive comes packed in a smaller window box, with blue-tinted artwork that corresponds to the Thermal Vision motif of the figure. It’s quite eye catching on the pegs in the NECA section at Target stores. That’s the only place you’ll find Thermal Vision Fugitive Predator; he’s the first Target exclusive NECA release. Like all NECA/ Target products, this figure is available in store only (not online), and thankfully NECA has said they’re working on a way to make him available outside the US as well. If you’re in the states, head to Target now because the Thermal Vision Fugitive should be turning up right now.

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