NECA’s Ultimate Sarah Connor Locks and Loads

By bill - January 22, 2016

NECA-Sarah-ConnorThe second figure in NECA’s Ultimate Terminator collection earns her spot.

It might come as a surprise that the brand new Ultimate Sarah Connor is NECA’s first toy based on the character from T2: Judgment Day.  But this is one of those few occasions when the first time is truly the charm, because I’d be hard pressed to find any toymaker able to measure up to this truly outstanding action figure.  Following up the release of the Ultimate T-800 Terminator, Sarah is an all new sculpt that perfectly captures her on screen look– or, looks, I guess.

The figure features the modern articulation pattern we see with many of NECA’s releases, and it’s the expressive range of the ball jointed neck, as well as the ball jointed waist– cleverly hidden beneath Sarah’s paramilitary web gear– that allows this figure to reach some truly dynamic and natural poses.

Sarah’s sculpt by [] is fantastic, from the realistic folds of her black pants, to the subtle ribbing of her tank top.  It shouldn’t come as a big surprise that the Linda Hamilton portraits included with the figure (three, each depicting her look from a different point in the movie) are great, but the likeness of the actress doesn’t end there.  When filming T2, Hamilton (like her character) was shredded, and this sculpt doesn’t shy away from including all the tone in the actress’ shoulders, biceps and arms.  The end result is a figure that looks as hard and tough as Sarah Connor should, while retaining the same inherent femininity that Hamilton carries in the film.

Like I said, Sarah includes three heads, which can be swapped out with ease thanks to the sturdy peg in the figure’s neck.  We get Sarah with her hair down, pulled back in a ponytail, and a third head in full military mode, complete with her fatigue cap and sunglasses.  The portraits are all unique, conveying the no-nonsense scowl our hero wears for most of the movie.  I’d be hard pressed to pick a favorite head sculpt, and it’s amazing how much the different heads can change the overall look and tone of the figure.

In addition to the extra heads, the figure comes packing an arsenal worthy of Sarah Connor, including an assault rifle, a shotgun with flip-down magazine clip, a pistol, and a knife with a sheath on her belt.  It covers most of the weaponry Sarah uses in the movie, and she holds each piece fairly well… although I think including an alternate pair of hands explicitly designed to hold the knife and offer a trigger finger on Sarah’s left hand would have sent this figure to a whole new level.

Sarah Connor looks great on her own, and fits perfectly in scale with the T-800 and the previously released Endoskeletons.  As an “ultimate” release, Sarah comes packed in a window box filled with photos of Linda Hamilton from the film, as well as the toy itself, and she packs a lot of detail and more accessories than most NECA figures, for only a nominal upcharge.  The ultimate Terminator line will continue with the T-1000 up next, and I can only hope that NECA will eventually find a way to complete the T2 cast in the future with an Edward Furlong John Connor.

In the meantime, Sarah Connor is available now through specialty retailers and

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