NECA Is Unleashing Otachi From Pacific Rim!

By bill - July 23, 2014

pac-rim-otachi-featAnother killer Kaiju is coming to the Pacific Rim collection by NECA!

So yes, I am not at San Diego Comic Con this year.  It happens to the best of us, and I’ve been consoling myself by watching an early screening of Guardians of the Galaxy, and reminding myself all the things that suck about Comic Con– the lines, the crowds, the, er, interesting smells, and did I mention the lines?

But then I see things like this picture which Randy Falk of NECA posted on Twitter and I really, really wish I was there, wading through the hassle to witness magic like this.  Guillermo Del Toro and Randy showing off the all new, stellar sculpt of Otachi, the flying Kaiju featured in last summer’s Pacific Rim.

While I’m sad to miss SDCC, it’s still a thrill knowing this figure is one step closer to reality.  Despite the success NECA has had with the property over the last year, Otachi was a tall order, as she demanded a 100% original sculpt to be done justice.  But NECA made it work, apparently.

She looks wonderful, and judging by the size, should fit in perfectly with the rest of the collection.  NECA has already had some insanely cool Comic Con reveals, from the 8-Bit Batman to the RoboCop vs. Terminator collection, but this Otachi figure really steals the show in my opinion.

BtRPlQ6CAAA2waM.jpg largeSource: Twitter

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