Here’s A First Look At NECA’s Aliens Egg Carton

By bill - May 5, 2015

alien-egg-carton-WIPUndoubtedly the coolest toy of the year.

The team at NECA are certainly no strangers when it comes to finding creative and fun offshoots from their great toy lines.  As mentioned back at Toy Fair, one of the coolest concepts this year will be released as part of the Aliens collection– a six pack of Xenomorph eggs and three Facehuggers… in an egg carton!  The set will include three closed eggs and three open ones, each of which will include a Facehugger packed inside… and all scaled to the Aliens action figures.  The carton will even be branded as a Weyland Yutani product… how cool is that??

NECA is working on the six pack now, and they’ve shared a work-in-progress shot of how this will all come packaged:

I love it.  This is one of THE quintessential accessory packs for the Aliens collection, and the egg carton packaging is so cool and silly, this set will also have a general pop culture crossover appeal.  I think it will do really well.  Can’t wait t see the inevitable Kenner colored Facehuggers, in a repaint of this set. ;)

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