Something For Everyone In NECA’s Aliens Series 11

By bill - September 8, 2017

From movies, to comics, to Kenner’s 90s toy line, NECA’s latest Aliens figures deliver.

Not unlike their Predator collection, NECA’s Aliens toys have a tendency to switch back and forth, between waves based on a single theme to an assortment that draws inspiration from anywhere and everywhere within the franchise.  Aliens Series 11 is the latest mixed wave, but each figure is so great they can’t possibly be referred to as a “mixed bag.”

Our new lineup includes Lambert in her blue Pressure Suit from Alien– ostensibly completing the away team in that film– alongside a bright blue Xenomorph Warrior inspired by the KB Toys AvP two-pack in Kenner’s vintage toy line, and a new Xenomorph from the Dark Horse comic series Defiance to round out the trio.

It’s remarkable how cool each of these figures is, considering the number of parts they all reuse.  Lambert expectedly borrows the Pressure Suit body we’ve seen from the previously released Kane and Dallas figures, but with a new paint job to reflect the character’s blue suit, as well as two fantastic new headsculpts sporting wildly different portraits of Veronica Cartwright.  One head features the flight cap, and a disgusted look on Lambert’s face that seems perfectly fitting for what the crew discovers on LV-426.  The other is more neutral, with Lambert’s hair uncovered.  I love this variety, which offers four distinct display options… and it makes me wish NECA had included a similar uncovered head for their Dallas figure.

Aside from the new head and new paint, there aren’t any real surprises with Lambert.  The suit sculpt remains gorgeously detailed and intricate, yet suffers the same limited range of motion in the elbows and knees.  Thankfully, Lambert does NOT suffer the heavier paint apps used on Kane, meaning she can pose freely without fear of chipping paint of frozen limbs.  It’s very exciting to have the entire away team of the Nostromo in toy form… hopefully NECA can find a way to build on the non-suited crew next!

True to his vintage counterpart, the Blue Warrior is a straight-up repaint of the Big Chap/ Kenner Alien sculpt.  The powdery blue paint and translucent blue plastic of the 90s figure is nicely replicated here, and the lighter hues make the details of the Xenomorph’s exoskeleton really pop.  This creature fits in nicely among the other brightly colored Kenner tribute toys, and brings us one step closer to the complete range of Kenner style Aliens.

I sort of assumed the Defiance Xenomorph would be the least exciting figure of the bunch, but having it in hand, this Dark Horse comic variant might be my favorite of the three.  The new headsculpt matches the comic art perfectly, and the crown of its head is wonderfully unique, while still feeling very true to the Xenomorph aesthetic.  Even cooler is the creature’s mouth, which contains a THIRD set of jaws.  It’s a creepy design, and not only does NECA’s sculpt capture it perfectly, they’ve managed to engineer all three jaws to be functionally poseable.

The rest of the figure borrows parts from Big Chap and the Isolation Xenomorph, giving this beast some cool hock joint legs, which can be supported by the clear plastic stand it includes.  I feel the sturdiness of both the stand and the legs on this figure are a major improvement over the Isolation Alien, and the new paint job is wonderfully nasty. This is one of the most fun to pose, and photogenic Xenomorphs NECA has ever released.

Aliens Series 11 is also the first wave to include a NECA X Alien Club exclusive, a set of three pop-up dioramas based on Kenner’s 1990s toy line.  The images are identical to the vintage international exclusives, but are scaled up to fit the 7″ scale of NECA’s figures. They offer a fun display option for the ever-growing Kenner tribute collection… I was impressed with the sturdiness of these cardboard sets, which assemble and connect easily, stand on their own very well, and provide a cool, colorful backdrop for the figures.

Three more pop-up dioramas will be included with the Alien Club versions of Series 12, forming the entire 6-part backdrop from Kenner’s classic toy line.  It’s gonna be an awesome piece when it’s fully assembled… and I would love to see NECA continue this concept with a companion diorama in this style for the Kenner Predators, RoboCop, or Terminators… these tribute figures are fantastic, and having an eye catching display to feature them in would make the whole collection even cooler.

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