What Are NECA’s “Big Surprises” For The Fall?

By bill - August 11, 2015

neca-featNECA’s got no less than FIVE tricks hidden up their sleeve for this Fall.

Earlier this week, NECA posted a few teasers on Twitter, mentioning they have “at least five different things” we are not yet aware of, which will be revealed soon.  Some, I’m guessing, will be announced online, while others, if NECA’s plan works, won’t be made public until they hit retail shelves (much like last year’s retro style video game Jason).

I mean, I’m down!  There is no feeling more exciting than walking down the toy aisle and seeing something you didn’t even know existed.  I love that NECA is one of the few companies actually trying to play to that game dynamic and bring back that feeling, even in the information age.

I’m more interested in what these five things could be?  Last year we saw the previously mentioned Jason retro doll at Toys R Us, as well as the 7″ scale Michael Keaton Batman, as a “pack in bonus” along with a special edition of Tim Burton’s Batman movie on Blu Ray.  If we’re following a pattern, I’d guess maybe we’ll see another horror icon get the Mego-style video game colors?  Freddy would be a fairly viable candidate.  And it’s worth noting both Danny DeVito’s Penguin and Christopher Reeve’s Superman were released in the 18″ scale by NECA this year… could they be trying to make lightning strike twice and releasing one or both of these figures in a smaller scale?

There’s also the final Planet of the Apes Classics figures, including Julius and General Urko, which Randy Falk has been very vocal about wanting to find a home for.  And equally worth noting, NECA will be appearing again at New York Comic Con this October.  Typically they do not bring any exclusives with them for that show, but maybe that will change this year?

There have been lots of elaborate guesses as to what NECA has in store for us, and while I love the enthusiasm, I’m tending to err on the side of practicality and realistic expectations.  That means, little to no new tooling (as is par for the course for most exclusives)… although based on the wording in NECA’s first tweet, I guess it’s also possible they’re not talking about a specific product available this Fall, but a new property they plan to announce?  We’ve known since San Diego Comic-Con that NECA landed some new, exciting license, but they have kept mum on what it is (fingers crossed for Mad Max, PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE).

What are my guesses to the five things?  Wishful thinking tells me it’s a 7″ scale movie Superman (Superman II hit its 35th anniversary this year, by the way)… a retro game Freddy Krueger in the Mego doll style, the announcement of NECA’s new mystery property, and one or two NYCC exclusives.  Maybe I’m way off base, but I’d be so down for any of those!

I’d love to hear your best guesses, too– Post your ideas in the comments section, and we can compare notes as to what NECA’s got coming in the next few months!

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