NECA’s Best Comebacks To The Ultimate Ash Evil Dead Reveal

By bill - June 18, 2016

ultimate-ashLet NECA explain why their Ultimate Evil Dead 2 Ash action figure doesn’t include a chainsaw… in the most hilarious ways possible.

There’s no other toy company quite like NECA.  Their work is perpetually fantastic, and their fan outreach is beyond great.  Brand Manager Randy Falk handles NECA’s Twitter feed personally, and what he shares is not only an insightful and fascinating look behind the scenes of the toy company, but proof positive that he and the NECA crew are die hard fans of the properties they work on.  Randy also peppers in a healthy amount of snark, and his defense of the recently-revealed Ultimate ash action figure saw him in rare form.

As soon as the Ultimate Ash was revealed, Twitter lit up with complaints that NECA opted to release a re-worked ash as he appeared in the first two thirds of the film, with loads of extras and accessories, including an alternate Deadite head and hands, swappable arm with severed hand, shotgun, axe, 8-track player, and his dead girlfriend’s Deadite head.  Notably missing, though, was the chainsaw that would become iconic to the character’s look post-ED2. Some of NECA’s earliest responses were fairly matter-of-fact, explaining how their choice allowed them to pack the most screen accurate stuff as possible with the Ash they chose… while also distinguishing him from the Ash vs Evil Dead figure available at the same time:

Randy even shared a GIF of Deadite Ash to help justify the new figure:

…But there’s just no pleasing some people, and after a while Randy started getting increasingly hilarious sarcastic hilarious in his responses, whether suggesting a good alternative for anyone looking to re-create the ‘Ash cuts his arm off’ scene in toy form:

Or attempting to change the subject in true #FacehuggerFriday fashion:

Or simply confirming the ‘ultimate’ status of this Ultimate figure:

And basically ending with a mic drop:

And despite the complaints and naysayers, NECA still shared a first look at the packaging for Ultimate Ash, because that’s just the kind of nice guys they are:

Whether it’s making Ultimate action figures based on modern movie icons, or shooting down naysayers on social media, NECA is without a doubt one of the best in the business.  Keep it up!

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