NECA’s Dark Knight Joker Is No Joke

By bill - November 2, 2015

NECA-Joker-featNECA unleashes the perfect action figure based on Heath Jedger’s legendary take on the Clown Prince of Crime.

Last week, NECA made a shockingly cool surprise reveal– they were following up their 7″ scale Michael Keaton Batman with a trio of figures based on some of the greatest big screen DC super heroes of all time, including Adam West’s Batman, Christopher Reeves’ Superman, and Heath Ledger’s Joker from The Dark Knight.  The figures are once again a shared exclusive between the Warner Brothers Home Entertainment eBay store and Toys R Us stores, and they are hitting now.

I was hoping NECA would have the chance to revisit the DC cinematic universe, and they really brought their A-game to these new figures.  Their Joker is nothing short of incredible, hands-down the best toy based on the character in this scale.  From his twisted, scarred smile to the scraggly green hair and his purple overcoat, the Joker really comes to life in this excellent sculpt by Alex Heinke and Kyle Windrix.  Not only is the Heath Ledger portrait a great likeness, but the Joker’s sinister expression, with his piercing, predatory eyes and caked-on white grease paint, perfectly conveys the character from the Christopher Nolan film.

The Joker is depicted in his standard outfit, with a purple top coat and pants, on top of a green vest and purple shirt with tie.  The layered look– inspired by Johnny Rotten and the Sex Pistols era of punk rockers– is incredibly well rendered, conveying the depth of the costume while maintaining a great sense of size and proportion.  Even with most of the figure being purple, the varying tones and finishes of the pants, shirt and coat add both realism and a chaotic, slightly mis-matched look which works brilliantly.

If you’ve collected any NECA figures in this scale over the last few years, the articulation pattern for The Joker should come as no surprise.  He features an awesome range of moving pieces, and the ball jointed neck in particular is fantastic, making it easy to capture the lowered, side-cocked pose the villain often defaulted to in the movie.  Both the green hair and white and red makeup are very nicely executed, with the base skin tone and dirty blonde hair layered underneath to match The Joker’s on-screen look.

In terms of accessories, NECA’s Joker is no slouch, either.  He includes his switch blade, which he can hold very well in his left hand, as well as a pistol and a machine gun, both of which fit in the right hand.  The Joker sported quite the arsenal in The Dark Knight, but these are nice choices for weapons to include here… I would have liked to see one of his Joker calling cards as well (or a pencil, which does at least make a cool cameo appearance on the wonderfully designed window box art).

I passed on NECA’s 18″ Joker, mostly for space-saving purposes, and I’m glad I did now because this scaled down 7″ version is truly amazing.  The Joker and his fellow NECA DC figures are some of the best toys ever made based on these movies, and they’re all must-own pieces, whether you’re into DC Comics, NECA toys, or awesome movies.  The Joker and Adam West Batman are available at Toys R Us stores now, and be on the lookout because Christopher Reeves Superman will be joining them in the next few weeks.

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