A Little Look At NECA’s Dr. Zaius

By bill - January 28, 2014

zaius-potaThe Planet of the Apes antagonist gets the toy treatment from NECA, and he looks great!

I’m stoked for NECA’s Planet of the Apes series (or both series, I guess– they’re doing modern era and classic POTA figures), and as Toy Fair approaches I’m getting even more excited.  NECA isn’t helping curb that enthusiasm; they just shared a photo of the paint master for Dr. Zaius on Twiter, and he looks great!

It’s been a long time since we saw Planet of the Apes toys, and even longer since we saw any good ones… but NECA is going for the gold, making the definitive versions of these simians.  I’d say I hope the rest of the figures look as good as Zaius and Caesar, but I’m already sure they will.

Dr Zaius

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