A Preview of NECA’s New Gypsy Danger

By bill - February 26, 2014

pacific-rim-featNECA goes back to the drawing board with their upcoming Gypsy Danger from Pacific Rim Series 5.

At Toy Fair, NECA confirmed that Pacific Rim fans would be treated to a new and improved version of our main mech, Gypsy Danger in the upcoming Pacific Rim Series 5.  While the first version of Gypsy was a great sculpt, it was a little lacking in the articulation department, so NECA is giving our metal hero a complete overhaul with the new design.

Not only is the figure going to be 3.4% larger (fitting in perfectly with more recent Jaegers like Cherno Alpha and Striker Eureka), it will sport lots more articulation such as double jointed knees, more range in the arms, and swappable pieces including alternate Plasma Cannon arms.

Seriously– the first Gypsy was a fine figure, and I cannot think of another company so committed to delivering the best toy possible who would completely revisit this character just to make a great toy even greater.  The original idea for Gypsy 2.0 would have included alternate battle damaged arms and head, but these pieces couldn’t be rolled in to the basic figure cost of under $20.  But we may see a new Battle Damaged version down the line, as well.

I love looking at this kind of behind-the-scenes art when it comes to toys… the notes on these new illustrations by sculptor David Silva all read perfectly practical, while addressing every single shortcoming of the original figure.  Further proof of just how awesome NECA is.

Source: Figures.com

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