NECA’s Killer Spider Gremlin Is Finally Coming

By bill - June 22, 2013

spider-gremlin-2Probably the best news you’ll hear all week (at least, if you’re me).

Toy Fair is an awesome experience, but there’s one drawback– you get to see some great prototypes for amazing toys that don’t always come to be.  It’s an unfortunate part of the toy industry, and knowing an amazing toy will never see the light of day is a special kind of sting for an action figure lifer like me.

I had all but assumed NECA’s Spider Gremlin was one such victim of failure to launch.  They first showed off the incredible prototype at Toy Fair 2011, and brought him back in 2012, still unproduced.  When the figure was nowhere to be seen at this year’s show, I figured it was a foregone conclusion that he wasn’t gonna happen.

That’s what made NECA’s reveal– that the figure would finally see release in all his grotesque glory this Fall– all the sweeter.  Looking back, it makes sense that they’d get away with the Spider Gremlin right now.  The company has seen some success with larger size, one off releases such as the 18″ scale Hobbit figures, and the buzz is through the roof on their deluxe ED-209 figure.  I’m guessing these well-received, larger sized (and higher price point) gave them enough confidence to finally bring the centerpiece of the Gremlins collection to life.  I’m very happy about this move, and it makes me hopeful we might see another round of Gremlins basic figures, too… I’m still holding out hope for Greta and the Veggie Gremlin to join my crew of miscreants!

Here’s what NECA had to say about the Spider:

The most massive and most incredible Gremlin figure ever produced is finally headed your way this Fall.

When fully assembled the Spider Gremlin stands Over 10″ Tall and is Nearly 15″ Across and Over 12″ Deep!! It is enormous and full of detail!

An incredible re-creation of the puppet seen in Gremlins 2: The New Batch the Spider Gremlin features a hinged jaw, ball jointed shoulders, elbows, and wrists and 8 massive spider legs that are also articulated in 3 places each! In total over 30 points of articulation!!

Also includes a support stand to help balance and display him in your desired poses.

This figure will be the centerpiece for every Gremlins collection – Don’t Miss Out!!

Production Limited To One Run Only!

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