NECA’s Spider Gremlin Is Creepy, Crawly & Cool

By bill - January 17, 2014

spider-gremlin-featThe biggest figure in NECA’s outstanding Gremlins collection is finally here.

NECA has done some awesome figures in their Gremlins collection.  Wisely basing many of their figures on the interesting looks of the wonderful Gremlins 2: The New Batch, we’ve seen many of the most interesting creatures from the movie captured in plastic.  But now, the biggest and baddest Gremlin of all is here– the Spider mutant of Spike.

The main baddie of the classic sequel had been released in his original form back in the Cult Classics series years ago, but his final form– mutated int a giant spider monster– ups the ante in every way possible.  The Spider gremlin is HUGE, almost 10″ tall and 15″ wide with his legs fully extended.  He’s meticulously designed, with a fully articulated upper body and individual spider legs which each feature two joints, allowing for a considerable amount of posing opportunities.  His head features a very nice ball socket, which works in tandem with an ab crunch, so Spike can either rear back or lurch forward, and his hinged jaw looks great with his mouth closed or wide open in a menacing hiss.

Spider Gremlin 15

The Spider includes a flask of spider serum which he can hold very well in his right hand, as well as a stand which helps to support the massive figure.  While the stand is small– a simple black base with a clear plastic peg which plugs into the bottom of the figure– it is quite sturdy and does a great job of keeping the figure upright on his spindly legs.

The details on this figure are fantastic, thanks to the incredible sculpt and the very concise and detailed paint job, featuring the reptilian patterning on Spike’s skin, along with the streaks of red which add to his menacing appearance.  Like the other Gremlin figures, the Spider also features a great glossy top coat, which adds to his scaly, slimy appearance, and even the darker areas of his skin feature a spotty pattern which makes him both consistent and visually striking from every angle.  It really seems like this creature crawled right off the big screen and onto the toy shelf!

Spider Gremlin 13

Maintaining a great sense of scale, the Spider Gremlin fits in perfectly amongst his fellow Gremlins, and looks plenty imposing hovering tall over poor little Gizmo.  I have been in love with this figure since the original prototype was shown at Toy Fair years ago, and it’s thrilling to finally have him in hand.  He’s incredibly fun to pose, and the sheer mass of this monster makes his $50 price tag very reasonable.

The Spider Gremlin is a one-time production, meaning when he’s gone, he’s gone for good… But he’s in stock now at NECA’s eBay store, various online retailers, and even up for preorder at… If you’re a fan of the Gremlins movies and NECA’s wonderful toy line, do yourself the favor and pick up this guy… he really is the crowning gem of the Gremlins collection.

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