NECA’s Ultimate Freddy Kreuger Earns His Name

By bill - December 3, 2014

ultimate-freddy-featThis Nightmare on Elm Street figure is a (scary) dream come true.

To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Wes Craven’s original Nightmare on Elm Street, NECA revisited the etherial slasher Freddy Kreuger to conjure up a deluxe boxed version of the villain dubbed the “Ultimate Edition.”

Ultimate Freddy NECA 026What makes him so ultimate?  For starter, NECA has upped the articulation on this killer, making this the most poseable Freddy figure they’ve ever done.  Krueger maintains the soft rubber sweater overlay of the last few figures, which cleverly masks the torso articulation, while the all-new legs feature ball hips and half-ball knees, in addition to ball jointed ankles and fully poseable arms.  The result is a figure with a wide range of motion, and Freddy can hit any number of great poses with ease.

The sculpt is fantastic, as Kyle Windrix and Chris Gawrych took the best aspects of the previous Freddy figure and kick them up a notch, packing in every detail (gory or otherwise) that they can muster.  From the frumpy folds of his clothing to the intricacies of his glove and the painfully pock-marked burned skin on his face, the end result here is a damn near perfect looking Freddy Krueger toy.  Even the slight pre-posing we get, specifically in the lopsided bunching of Freddy’s striped sweater, serves to add character and a sense of energy to the figure.

The paint work serves to build on this great sculpt, adding a dingy, lived-in grime to this vicious killer.  There’s a subtle ash grey wash on the head which I’ve never seen used before on a Freddy toy, but which most certainly conveys the burn victim motif of his charred face in a pretty cool way.

Ultimate Freddy NECA 007So we get our most articulated, most detailed and best painted Freddy Krueger ever… but NECA went even farther than that for this ultimate edition.  Freddy is also loaded with accessories, including a total of three variant heads– smiling, grimacing and faceless, with exposed skull.  The heads swap on and off the neck peg with ease and stay in place securely.  All three are well rendered and true to the character and the first movie, and the Robert Englund portrait most definitely rings true whether Freddy is maniacally happy or dangerously sullen.  The removable hat fits easily on top of any head as well, as does the skin mask of one of Freddy’s victims, which the figure can actually wear.

Rounding out the extras, Freddy also includes an alternate left hand with severed fingers and a green fluid spurt, and the infamous tongue phone from the first movie.  All the new accessories are great, and call back to key moments in the cult classic movie in a way any Elm Street fan is sure to appreciate.

And speaking of film fans’ appreciation, the packaging for the Ultimate Freddy is so nice, it also has to be mentioned.  The figure comes in a window display box, featuring front cover art of the original movie poster, a boilerplate of the movie on the back and a large window display which shows off the figure and all his grisly accessories very well inside.  It’s a great, resealable display piece that allows you equally great in or out of packaging options for this figure.

The extra features packed in to this Freddy Kreuger make him, far and away, the best toy version I have ever seen from NECA.  In fact, he’s one of the finest Freddy toys in history, period.  With the deluxe nature of this figure, all the extra pieces and the higher end box packaging, you might expect this “Ultimate” figure to fetch a pretty large mark up, but Freddy is only ringing up at about $22, which makes him a truly great value.  For a figure of this quality, with this many accessories and cool, screen accurate features, this price tag is amazing, and any Elm Street die hard should be happy to welcome this terrifyingly awesome new Freddy into their collections… and their nightmares.

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