Netflix Daredevil Will Look Like Daredevil At Some Point

By bill - March 25, 2015

daredevil-featOl’ hornhead will have horns on his head… eventually.

We’re getting very close to the April 10th debut of Daredevil, the first Netflix original series from Marvel.  I wish I could be more excited, but thus far the self-seriousness of the trailers and Matt Murdock’s boring, all black ninja costume are just not doing it for me.

So it’s sort of a breath of fresh air to get confirmation that, by the end of the season (possibly AT the end of the season?), our hero will have ditched his dull duds for a legit Daredevil costume.

Showrunner Steven DeKnight spoke about their decision to start Matt out as basic as possible, so we could at least understand the logic behind having him be a super hero with no costume:

“If you watch very closely, you’ll see the outfit evolve subtly into what we call the black ninja suit. The mask changes. He starts wearing protective pads. Eventually it morphs into the classic suit, because he wouldn’t be Daredevil without it. Getting there is part of the fun.”

“The idea was to back the story up to the point before Matt is Daredevil. Then we could take him to a place where some version of the red suit works in a grounded world.”

I guess we’re getting a full-on origin story here.  Oh good.

I don’t really get that, as Matt’s super hero backstory is a fairly simple one– he’s a kid who gets blinded, trains to heighten his other senses, and becomes a lawyer and a vigilante, burning the candle from both ends when it comes to justice in Hell’s Kitchen.  I would have been fine if they just plunked us down in the middle of that, and filled in his back story along the way.  13 hours seems like a hell of a long time for the origin of Daredevil.

But maybe I’m way off base?  Perhaps DeKnight (who I have some faith in, based on his past work) is only referring to what we’ll be seeing in the first part of the season?  Most of the first Marvel movies dedicated their first act to the origin of their respective hero, before plunging him into a conflict.  Maybe Daredevil will follow the same structure?

I hope so, because if Matt doesn’t actually become Daredevil until the last frame of Episode 13, and we had to slog through over half a day’s worth of watching to get to the part where the”real story” can begin… I’ll be pretty bummed out.

Source: Comics Continuum

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