New Prometheus Trailer Confirms Alien Connection, Fails to Disappoint

By bill - March 19, 2012

20th Century Fox, via Facebok. All Rights Reserved

The full trailer for Prometheus debuted this weekend at Wonder Con, and hit the web pretty much immediately. The new trailer gives us a much closer look at the upcoming movie and puts to rest any doubt that this is indeed a prequel to Alien. Oh, and it looks fantastic!

There is no other movie coming out this year that I am desperately hoping to love as much as Prometheus. As a long-time fan of the first two Alien movies, the idea of Ridley Scott returning to this sandbox he helped create seems pretty awesome, and everything from casting to the amazing teaser trailer to this new full trailer make it seem like this will be one of the year’s best movies. Check out the trailer:

I love that we get such a better look at the amazing cast, including Charlize Theron, Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace. The throwbacks to Alien– from the cryo-chambers to the Space Jockey– are perfect, and when that original Alien score cuts into the trailer it really brings home what an intense experience this could be.

Of course, the whole point of a trailer is to make a film look incredible, and while this trailer does that VERY well, I’m still a little hesitant… We still don’t know anything solid about the story (or even much about the characters), which isn’t a bad thing– I intend to go in as blind as possible– but talk of Ancient Astronaut theory and other goofy nonsense has me a little concerned if Prometheus will have the same gravity as this trailer. And while I like Ridley Scott, he hasn’t exactly had a flawless track record in recent years. Still, everything we have seen so far has been a home run, and I remain cautiously optimistic, hoping Prometheus will live up to the huge expectations I am trying to keep at bay. Regardless, the visuals look amazing, and I can say for sure that I’ll be all in when NECA releases their toy line later this year.

Prometheus opens June 8th. I wish that wasn’t so far away.

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