New Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Screenshots Shed Light on Character Progression

By adam - May 1, 2012

Square Enix has been releasing a steady flow of new information for their biggest summer 3DS releases, the very latest being eleven screenshots from the upcoming music/rhythm game Theatrhythm Final Fantasy.  We’ve seen plenty of gameplay and heard some of the music, but until now not much was known about the game’s RPG elements.  Check out all the new screenshots inside.

It’s apparent from these images that the RPG aspect will play a big role in the final game.  Characters have basic stats like HP, Strength, and Agility along with items that grant the character special abilities depending on the type of stage being played.  There also seem to be abilities under “Proactive” and “Reactive” categories, which are further broken down into subcategories like Magic and Augment.  By the looks of it, the system will be deep enough to satisfy even the most stubborn of RPG fans. See for yourself in the images below, which you can click on to view larger.

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