Nickelodeon TMNT Party Wagon Review

By jayq - March 18, 2015

party-wagon-featThe Party Wagon is here and it is TOTALLY AWESOME DUDES!!

When Playmate’s TMNT first came out, we had the Shellraiser and we all accepted that that was the closest we’d get to the Party Wagon. However, Playmates tossed us another nod to the old school, and released this beauty this month. Now I wish I could say I bought this for my daughter’s Ninja Turtles figures, but I would be lying– I bought it for my Revoltech Nickelodeon TMNTs.

There are pros and cons to this vehicle, but the cons do not by any means make this a bad purchase. What is good about this is the design, which is very nostalgic to the original. The van has multiple access points– from the front that seats two, the side door, roof, and the back barn doors. The roof has two missiles that can shoot out by pressing the button on the top. This vehicle was very easy to construct.

The bad (and again its just nit picking) about this is the decals and lack of paint detail. I get it this is a kids toy and paint detail is not as important but even so, this could be a more amazing vehicle if some attention to detail was done on Playmates part. I would recommend putting the head light decals on before putting the bumper on.

As you can see I used my Revoltech TMNTs for this and it compliments them greatly without any issues. This item is popping up at $29 retail in most stores. I recommend picking it up if you are looking to add a little something to your Revoltech Turtles. JQ gives this a 8.2/10.

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