Nightwing Is Ready For Action

By kastor417 - January 13, 2020

Diamond Select sent over one of the best Nightwing statues to date, and we can’t stop taking pictures!

If you know me that old memeĀ  “be yourself, unless you can be Batman, then always be Batman” does not apply to me. I always wanted to be Robin, the first book I read was Robin’s origin and I still would rather be Dick Grayson than Bruce Wayne. So if there is a Nightwing statue or toy out there I will probably track it down. I mean there are some that just don’t catch my attention or fit into the category of things I need to own, but classic looking statues like the one in this article are just perfect to me.

Matching the look of his symbol Nightwing is posed on top of a smoking grate, which really does catch the light if you have one of those tap lights positioned under the statue base. The colors are bold and simple, the smirk captures the playfulness of Dick in his 20’s, a bold contrast to Batman.

Diamond Select Toys has really captured the look and feel of the character, in an affordable price range at multiple retailers. You can get yours here after you ogle the pics below!

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