Nightwing is Ready for Action

By kastor417 - December 15, 2015

Animated Nightwing Kastors KornerThe Bat Family is finally together for the holidays thanks to the newest figure in the DC Collectibles Animated line. 

Dick Grayson has always been my favorite character in the DC world. Although I was not a fan of the red symbol change, and still not sure about the secret agent thing, I have remained a huge fan since the age of five. I try not to be one of those collectors that need everything with the characters logo on it, the new clothing at FYE has been hard to pass up, but when it comes to toys I cave every time. When eBay started he was the first custom action figure I bought, and definitely paid way too much to have it in my collection. So of course when this animated line was announce my first question was; When are we getting Nightwing?

Animated Nightwing Kastors Korner 04Well after a year of figures I finally have my favorite character, and I’m very thrilled with him. He comes with multiple hands, a Nightwing-arange, and binoculars. He can actually hold his binoculars up to his face correctly, and with the wide chest that it is impressive. The figure is slender like the look of the cartoon, which will cause some problems posing him, and for long term static standing displays. What surprised me with the figure is the almost harness symbol on his chest. The other members of the Bat-Family have their symbols painted on, but Nightwing’s sticks out a decent amount. It sets him apart slightly, but adds detail work to the overall ascetic of the figure.

The size of the figure is spot on with the other characters, just shorter than Bats and bigger than Robin. My only issue is he can not crouch down, making his ability to pose in the shadows, ready to pounce on the villains, nearly impossible. I don’t know if it is the waist or the hips, but something is blocking the range of motion, and with the smaller than normal legs forcing the pose is not an option.

The colors, the character, the overall look of the figure make him my favorite of the line. I remember when I got each version of this costume in plastic form, and this one might be my favorite to date.

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