“No Strings On Me” Dunny

By staff-writers - August 14, 2015

no strings dunny 01


Now Available at Kidrobot.com

A limited number of WuzOne “No Strings on Me” Dunnys were held back from San Diego Comic Con and are available at Kidrobot.com as of Friday 9/14 at 9:00 AM MST.

Kidrobot proves that it is 100% committed to the art world by stepping across international boundaries to bring to life the “No Strings On Me” Dunny designed by Spanish artist, WuzOne.

In a world owned and corrupted by big government and financial institutions, we all want to break free from the strings that bind us.  This art-piece can be interpreted as promoting an anti-establishment agenda or creativity as it is focused on removing the strings that bind us. It speaks to us as the story of Pinocchio did, pulling on our heart strings and releasing us from the grips of others.

We are all free humans and will not be your puppets!

Learn more about the piece and The Story of Pinocchio on our blog.

Buy the No Strings On Me Dunny Now!


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