NYCC 2012: Kasual Friday Promises A Cool 2013

By bill - October 12, 2012

Pop Culture Collectible specialists Kasual Friday were on site at New York Comic Con, and showed off their awesome new mini figure toy line coming next Spring.

Kasual Friday specializes in pop culture collectibles and apparel, and while the new company is still new, their new Superstars series of stylized figures based on movies and classic comics is sure to put them on the map.  Coming out of the gate, Kasual Friday will feature two waves of Superstars in the first half of 2013, with Big Screen Superstars featuring Rocky, Clubber Lang, Robocop and Ash from Army of Darkness.  The stylized figures look very cool, with a fun super deform body structure, and excellent charicature portraits of the cult movie heroes and villains.

A second assortment will switch gears to Comic Book Superstars, including pulpy print heroes like The Phantom and Flash Gordon, who look totally awesome.  Also on the horizon are a series of vinyl bust banks, including a victorious Rocky Balboa, and lots more great products.

Check out our photo gallery of Kasual Friday’s booth at NYCC, and get a taste of the coolness to come…


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