NYCC 2012: Kotobukiya Shows The Goods

By bill - October 12, 2012

Kotobukiya had a great booth at New York Comic Con, with some excellent new reveals for the show, including a new recruit to the Marvel Bishoujo collection and a stunning Joker statue.

Kotobukiya’s high end statue displays are always one of the highlights of a Convention floor for me.  The meticulous sculpting detail and masterful paint apps featured on their products are incredible, and their booth always makes me wish I had a bigger wallet, as I’d likely collect everything they make.

My favorite line is still the Bishoujo series, which was very well-represented, with the 2012 statues on display, as well as upcoming pieces like Huntress and the over-the-top awesome Power Girl.  On the video game front, the Tekken Bishoujo collection is coming together nicely with the addition of Asuka, and the Bishoujo Commander Shepard from Mass Effect came out beautifully. The display also revealed the next Marvel Bishoujo will be the X-Men’s Kitty Pryde, and the spritely mutant looked too cute for words in statue form.

Koto also had their Jim Lee and Frank Miller Batman statues out, which looked great, but as cool as they were they paled in comparison to the absolutely stunning Joker statue, based on Brian Bolland’s iconic cover from The Killing Joke. Not only was this statue astonishing in its detail and accuracy to the original illustration, the statue will feature a light-up flash on the camera, and a picture-taking sound effect built in!

The rest of Kotobukiya’s display was equally impressive, from the full lineup of their X Force statue series, Avengers, X-Men and more Marvel heroes well represented, and Aquaman joined Superman, Flash and Green Lantern in Koto’s New 52 statue set.  The Trigun Vash the Stampede statue revealed at San Diego Comic Con was also on display, a perfect representation of the classic anime hero, and will also be offered in a solid silver variant that looked quite cool.

Check out some photos from Kotobukiya’s booth at NYCC:

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