NYCC 2012: On The Floor With Mattel

By bill - October 12, 2012

Mattel had a great display at New York Comic Con, with the chance to get up-close looks at their upcoming lines, including Masters of the Universe, DC Unlimited, Batman Unlimited and more.

Mattel knows what they’re doing when it comes to Convention displays, and what their booth lacked in newly revealed products (they’ll hold those for their “Mattypalozza” panel on Saturday), they made up for in variety.  From WWE to JLU, DC Unlimited to Masters of the Universe Classics, prototypes and product pieces were on display all over the four-sided Mattel booth, giving fans a chance to see the upcoming figures up close and personal.

We did get our first look at the Batman Unlimited packaging for the early 2013 series, and it’s a solid design, with an orange/ rust color pattern that should really make the figures themselves pop on the shelves.. especially the outstanding Super Powers colored Penguin!  The Club Infinite Earths figures on display extended all the way to next May’s Wally West Flash, and looked very nice across the board.  Seeing a display with the virtually complete Doom Patrol and Metal Men got me very impatient as I wait for the release of ElastiGirl, Lead and Platinum and Tin.

On the Masters front, Mattel featured a very cool 30th Anniversary display with all six special figures on display, along with their original source art,  Ram Man and Netossa were shown in their final packaging and both looked great, as did the Power Con reveals Snake Face and Octavia.  Despite some close calls with the goals for the 2013 subs this past Summer, I’m very glad they are moving forward as 2013 seems to be an exciting year for both properties.

Check out tons of photos from Mattel’s booth… and check back later this weekend for our look at the Mattypalooza panel!

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