NYCC 2012: R.I.P. Nancy Donovan

By bill - October 25, 2012

Just for fun, I started the roundtable with Julianne Moore at New York Comic Con asking her what it would take to get her to do the interview in character as Nancy Donovan, her character from 30 Rock. Because she’s awesome, this is what happened next…

I don’t often go all fanboy during interviews, but once in a while, I just can’t help myself.  When I jokingly asked Julianne Moore if she’d do our interview in the Boston accent of her 30 Rock sweetheart Nancy Donovan, the actress jumped right into an impression, without delay.

“No… Nancy Donovan is dead. Didya hear?  She died.  She got hit by a truck in Somerville,” Moore joked. “It’s over for her.”

LISTEN NOW: Julianne Moore on the fate of Nancy Donovan

Nancy Donovan leaves behind two kids, and a husband from whom she was probably divorced by now. Jack Donaghy could not be reached for comments.

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