NYCC 2013: Square Enix Reveals Aliens: Colonial Marines, Star Trek & More

By jason - October 16, 2013

 Squar Enix/Play Arts Kai at NYCC 213

You can always count on Square Enix/Play Arts Kai to put on a stunning display and the figures they rolled out at this year’s New York Comic Con certainly didn’t disappoint. 

Three iterations of Robocop were debuted and they’re expectedly loaded with detail and articulation and look fantastic. The black-suited Robocop from the upcoming 2014 train wreck reboot, as played by Joel Kinnaman, will be immortalized as a beautiful 9” figure.  If the classic style of Robocop from the original movies with Peter Weller is more your speed (as it should be) then you’re in luck – Play Arts is also releasing the 1987 version in all its silvery, no-human-hand-having glory.  And just to cover all bases, they even went a step further and sculpted an entirely original take on our hero, which is styled as an amalgamation of the two – more sleek and streamlined, but retaining the color scheme and some of the angular boxiness of the classic.  Each will come with exchangeable hands and Murphy’s signature sidearm.  Pricing and release date are still up in the air, but I’d expect them to be in the standard $80-$90 range.

Next up, Play Arts is taking a stab at the Aliens franchise with two xenomorphs branded as a Colonial Marines line.  The sculptors went all out with these and the level of detail present is incredible.  Although likely far pricier than the recent NECA xenomorph releases, the sulpt, coupled with the insane amount of articulation that PAK packs into their figures makes these a must-buy.  Personally, I’m also a fan of the larger scale, which just makes them feel even more menacing somehow.  Each comes packaged with a bit of scenery for flavor – the base featuring the shattered tube and emerging facehugger looks especially impressive.

Kirk and Spock, as played in the newer Star Trek films by Chris Pine and Zach Quinto respectively, are getting the deluxe action figure treatment as well.  Packaged with phasers and lots of interchangeable hands (including the much-overused Vulcan salute), the duo look prepped for action.  There are also two Assassin’s Creed figures planned – Connor from AC3 and Edward from AC4.  Both look game-accurate and come with bevy of the weapons they wield in-game as well as different hands to hold them or to strike dramatic poses with.  The coolest feature of these guys though, is that they also include hairpieces that can be snapped on their heads in place of their hoods.  Both characters have far more screen time with their faces shown than their predecessors in previous Assassin’s Creed titles, so it makes sense to give fans the option of showing them with their hoods down.

Rounding out their showing were new prototypes from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance/Metal Gear Solid as well as some mind-blowing new pieces in the DC: Injustice line, featuring several of the DC universe’s most prominent heroes decked out in heavily-armored, warrior-like duds.  Speaking of DC, the Man of Steel figures, based on the live-action film, were on display with both the standard version of Superman in his blue & red suit and a convention-only exclusive wearing an outfit that is completely black.  Check out shots of these and the rest of their amazing line-up in the gallery below.

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