NYCC 2014: Mezco Toyz Reveal Judge Dredd & More

By bill - October 14, 2014

nycc-mezco-featMezco stuns New York Comic Con with the second amazing figure in their One:12 Collective.

Mezco Toyz debut of the One:12 Collective– a highly detailed new 6″ action figure line featuring fan-demanded characters from every corner of the geek universe– was one of the most buzz-worthy toy announcements of San Diego Comic Con, with the reveal of the first figure, a truly astonishing Dark Knight Returns Batman.

Now, at New York Comic Con, Mezco has revealed the second figure in the Collective– Judge Dredd.  This figure might be even better than Batman… Dredd looks like he literally stepped off the pages of an issue of 2000 AD.  The head sculpt is perfect, with the infamous Judge Dredd sneer creeping out from beneath his helmet, and every detail from the chunky badge to the eagle-themed shoulder armor is rendered beautifully on this figure.

Like Batman, Dredd will be loaded with accessories, including alternate sets of hands, cuffs, a nightstick and– of course– a gun.  It’s another big win for this intriguing new toy line, and this Dredd is a must-own figure for any fans of the character.

Speaking of the DKR Batman, Mezco had all three variant versions of the figure on display.  The black and grey basic figure is available for preorder now, with a black and light blue version coming shortly after as a Previews exclusive.  Rounding out the set was a grey and navy blue version, but there’s no word yet on when exactly that’s coming.

Mezco had lots more on display at NYCC, including their complete Breaking Bad collection, including the upcoming Gus Fring figures, Sons of Anarchy, and the new Mortal Kombat 6″ figure line, based on the Mortal Kombat X designs.  The first lineup will include Scorpion, Sub Zero and Raiden, all of whom were well sculpted and fully articulated.

Overall, it was a great display for Mezco, and I could not be more excited to see these 2015 toy releases come to fruition.  Check out more images from their display at NYCC below:

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